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Tom Kowalczyk


As a child, Tom played with Legos and spent countless hours building miniature models of structures so it was only natural that he would find his way into the world of Architecture. He went on to get a degree in Architectural Science with a focus on Design at Ryerson University where he honed-in on his craft. Tom’s multiple level thinking has been an asset to Agency Red where he has helped in streamlining and improving the quality of the creative. Previously he worked with Mattamy Homes, the largest home builder in Canada, where he was in-charge of rendering coordination through 13 divisions.  A stickler for detail and process, he misses nothing and tries to make the process seamless for everyone involved as he understands the challenges clients' face when dealing with large volume renderings. At home, Tom is a dedicated daddy to a loyal German Shepherd, Korra, who still believes she is a puppy. 

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