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When does a Project begin?

Prior to any project starting we would need to establish the deliverables and expectations. Once we have all required documents provided that is when we officially begin production.

What are your timelines?

This varies depending on the scope of the work. Please reach out to our team for a more comprehensive breakdown in turnaround times.


What are your fees? 


For fee quotes please contact for more information.

How does your review process work?

Once we have provided you, the Client, with renderings for review we typically request that all comments and feedback are returned to our Production Team in 48 hours. If extended review periods are going to be needed please be sure to note this early on so that we can factor that into our scheduling.


Why is there a limit on the number of reviews?

We are typically generous in the number of reviews we allow to a client. However, as per the contract, after a certain point we have to charge additional for excessive reviews and change orders. 


"It’s an absolute emergency and we need the renderings asap"

If a project is being requested to be completed in a shorter time span than what our base schedule allows due to unforeseen delays on the Client side, the project will be subject to expedited fees in order to meet the deadline. We may need to have people work around the clock and add additional team members to ensure the critical deadline is met. 

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